Affordable Band Instruments for Band Parents

Affordable Band Instruments for Band Parents - Harper Mondays

I’m writing this article for new band parents because I’ve been the band student. Being in band is a fun time, as long as you’ve got a good instrument and a passion for music. The guitar players usually have these great sounding guitars that sound awesome while whoever gets stuck playing the flute usually doesn’t take the whole operation too seriously. Lucky for my parents, I joined band out of the director’s necessity for a baritone player during the summer before seventh grade. So, I was allowed to use the school’s brand new baritone for free to fill the role the band needed for concerts. I was the only person in my grade who played the instrument because who could afford to pay about $300 just to get a quality lower end band instrument that may never be played again after a year? I never picked it up again after middle school. To help ease the financial investment or burden (however you’re looking at it parents) of being a band parent, I wanted to share my Top 10 Affordable Band Instruments for Band Parents. My list does contain affiliate links.

Affordable Band Instruments for Band Parents:

Acoustic Electric Guitar – Oscar Schmidt OD312CE
Classical Guitar – Yamaha C40II BL
Electric Guitar – Epiphone Les Paul 100
Cello – Mendini 4/4 MV-Black
Violin – Ricard Bunnel G2 Violin
Drum Set – Gammon Percussion
Electronic Keyboard – Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key
Saxophone – Mendini MAS BNN 92D PB
Trombone – pBone PBONE10R *I am VERY IMPRESSED by this trombone selection
Trumpet – Mendini by Cecilio MTT-N

Okay, I know that I said Top 10 Band Instruments, but would it be fair not to include these two instruments for my list?

Flute – Mendini Nickel Silver Closed Hole C Flute with Stand
Clarinet – Mendini MCT-E+SD+PB

How are new band parents supposed to figure out what instrument to buy?

The band director can point in the right direction usually a local music store. I’m not knocking those small shops because I love to support local businesses when I can. The benefit of shopping at a local music store is having someone in the store that can help you find what works for your child and can troubleshoot in the future if you are having any problems. However, the music store is a business looking to make money so they are limited in what they can carry and can often push instruments they see are great sellers but not necessarily a high quality purchase for the money. It’s unavoidable. That’s why so many musicians choose to bypass music stores when buying their instruments, and go straight to sites like Instrument Find online instead. You can also find an array of other music related equipment on the internet. You may be looking for some form sound-quality enhancer to help with your childs performances. If that is the case then you should look no further than a Graham Slee HiFi system.

You may have gotten to this point and wondered how I could possibly suggest these Top 10 Band Instruments. Thanks to one of the many Top 10 Best lists on Reviews Bee that do not just include band instruments. You can find a detailed review list for anything! They list ten products in a list and score them on expert popularity, expert ratings, consumer popularity, consumer rating, and consumer complaints. I grabbed the top instrument in each category to make an easy list of instruments for band parents to ease this new adventure.

I fully support all arts in school especially band because it is the only chance many children have to find themselves musically and play an instrument. My goal is to have this mix of expert and consumer ratings help all future band parents. For a complete list of musical school instruments, you can check out Reviews Bee for yourself!

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Top 10 Affordable Band Instruments - Harper Mondays

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post from Reviews Bee.

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