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Arctic Zero – Tasty ice cream alternative for everyone (seriously EVERYONE!)

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Arctic Zero Review - Harper Mondays

Ice cream is a childhood staple that no child should miss if they want it. Children who are lactose intolerant, diabetic, or have gluten intolerance may find it difficult to find an ice cream alternative to enjoy. Ice cream is Harper’s favorite sweet treat to enjoy, but what about the added calories, sugar, and not great ingredients that she is eating weekly? Her grandfather has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes; as his caretaker, I can encourage him to follow a diabetic diet, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to enjoy an ice cream cone with his granddaughter. But, what if I told you that there was an ice cream that kids and adults alike could enjoy? It’s called Arctic Zero!

Arctic Zero is a guilt-free ice cream alternative for the entire family. The creator was highly motivated to find a treat his mother could still enjoy with her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. Whoa, someone actually wanted to create an ice cream alternative that was better for diabetics to eat that didn’t skimp on the flavor? That alone made me want to let my family try Arctic Zero. But, really it was their other health factors that had me pulling out the spoons:

Ice Cream Alternative Arctic Zero is

  • Lactose Free
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free (most flavors)
  • Fat Free/Low Fat
  • Certified Vegetarian (NOT vegan)
  • Kosher

Wait! That’s not all be cause Arctic Zero is low glycemic, contains rBST-free whey protein, and contains NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS! I had to emphasize the last part because that’s fantastic news for my family. We try to stay away from sweeteners that aren’t natural around here. Plus, my Dad (the Type 2 diabetic) doesn’t need to consume excess sugar but also doesn’t need to put substitutes in his body. Lucky for everyone Arctic Zero sweetens their frozen desserts naturally with monk fruit (150 times sweeter than sugar) and organic cane sugar. Dealing with diabetes put limits on your daily diet, but it doesn’t mean you can’t ever enjoy what you’re eating. Because diabetes is prevalent in my family history, I want to establish good eating habits with Harper with sacrificing the good times some treats can bring like enjoying a bowl of ice cream on the front porch with your grandpa.

I’ve gushed about all the good things Arctic Zero has to offer, but all these benefits mean nothing if the taste isn’t there. So, with little need for encouragement got my favorite taste tester, Harper, to try out a few of Arctic Zero’s flavors that we were sent for review:


Our box of Arctic Zero flavors included:


Arctic Zero Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream Alternative - Harper Mondays

Peanut Butter Swirl

Harper’s favorite! Out of all six pints this flavor was the richest. If you’re looking to try Arctic Zero, I would encourage you to grab a pint of Peanut Butter Swirl as your first taste.

Arctic Zero Cherry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Alternative - Harper Mondays

Cherry Chocolate Chunk

If you’re a fan of cherries, you’ll love this flavor. Remember it’s not loaded with excess sugar, so you’re getting a creamier more natural sugar flavored cherry.

Arctic Zero Cookie Shake Ice Cream Alternative - Harper Mondays

Cookie Shake

My favorite flavor out of our choices. It tasted the most like regular ice cream to me because of the sweet cookie flavor. I didn’t recognize right away that it wasn’t traditional ice cream.

Arctic Zero Cake Batter Ice Cream Alternative - Harper Mondays

Cake Batter

We’re not lovers of cake batter flavored anything. I always struggle with the weird flavor that is the “batter” and Arctic Zero had that same problem for me. Cake batter lovers don’t let my opinion sway you because this could be for you.

Arctic Zero Rocky Road Trip Ice Cream Alternative - Harper Mondays

Rocky Road Trip

Truly tasted like a rich chocolate, which I appreciated! I didn’t eat enough to get the hints of the toasty almonds, but the marshmallow flavor was nicely mixed with the chocolate.

Arctic Zero Salted Caramel Ice Cream Alternative - Harper Mondays

Salted Caramel

Just recently, I’ve realized that I love salted caramel anything. Arctic Zero did not disappoint. It was light in flavor with just enough sweet caramel and salt to balance out. I didn’t feel like I was eating a healthier ice cream because the flavor was so good!

Arctic Zero Taste Test Ice Cream Alternative - Harper Mondays


Harper loved four out of the six flavors we tried; Cherry Chocolate Chunk and Cake Batter were her least favorite. She even enjoyed 1/2 of a pint of the Peanut Butter Swirl after the camera stopped rolling and you know what? I didn’t bat an eye at her indulgence of Arctic Zero. She was enjoying a low fat ice cream alternative that was only 75 calories per serving (4 total in a pint) that includes NO GUILT!

At about $4-$5 per pint at big retailers such as Walmart, Whole Food Market, Publix, Albertsons, Kroger, Safeway, Sprouts Farmers Market, and at select Target stores, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Arctic Zero! I’m grabbing several pints for my diabetic father to curb his sweet tooth and to keep on hand for when Harper visits.

Check out more of Arctic Zero flavors and dipped bar offerings on their website!
You can find Arctic Zero on: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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