Kid-Friendly Review for Organic Gluten Free Nut Butter from Once Again

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Once Again Organic Gluten Free Nut Butter Review - Harper Mondays

We consider ourselves a peanut butter family where we are sometimes brand specific and never too adventurous when it comes to trying new consistencies or flavors. When you’ve got a child under five in your home, you accept that sometimes life is plain when it comes to your pantry. Once Again Nut Butter gave use the opportunity to step outside of our food comfort box and try four of their organic gluten free nut butter flavors. I have never in my life tried a nut butter other than peanut, but we were excited to check out the care package they sent for us.

Once Again Nut Butter Package - Harper Mondays

Inside we found:

Almond Butter

Sunflower Seed Butter

Cashew Butter

No Stir Peanut Butter

Harper received a fun activity book and a cuddly stuffed raccoon wearing a Once Again logo t-shirt. Everything was packaged in a reusable bag that I plan to use at the grocery store. We also received several recipe card books to give us ideas on how to incorporate these nut butters into our daily meals. My personal favorite were all the yummy smoothie recipes!

From a mom’s perspective, I highly recommend Once Again Nut Butters in any flavor. I have never tasted a nut butter that included one ingredient that was so flavorful without a creamy, sugar-filled peanut butter mix full of ingredients I did not recognize. The fewer the ingredients the better for these nut butters. At Once Again, they do a wonderful job on their packaging letting consumers know exactly what is in their products and what practices they use to insure that their nut butters are truly some of the most health and environmentally conscious jars on the market. All four jars were glass, which was a huge benefit for me because I’m tired of the overwhelming amount of plastic that makes its way into our home each shopping trip. Glass jars are more environmentally friendly and are easier to reuse once you’re done. I won’t be tossing these jars!

I want to shout from the rooftops the transparency that this company provides on their website regarding their manufacturing process and how they err on the side of caution before claiming that people with peanut allergies should buy their alternative nut butters. Their process is complex when it comes to keeping ingredients separated, but there is always the opportunity for accidental cross-contamination no matter how careful a system can be. Consumers can make their own decision when trying the nut butters, but Once Again says that they would rather their consumers “be safe than sorry when it comes to allergens.”

You’ll find all their manufacturing information and the strict regulations they follow that have earned them products that can be classified as organic, gluten free, vegan, and kosher. Families looking to incorporate more organic foods into their diets could easily substitute a jar of nut butter for their regular peanut butter. The best part is that you can choose Once Again Creamy No Stir Peanut Butter as your alternative. It’s a delicious way to go organic without jumping all-in immediately.

All of the nut butters taste exactly like the nuts that they’re flavored after because each jar is a blended cream of the actual nut. If you’ve never used nut butters before you may not be aware that you have to stir them before use. The oil from the blend separates to the top, so you must mix it enjoy the consistency you may be used to in other brands. However, the Creamy No Stir Peanut Butter matched our other brand of peanut butter in consistency and taste!

Here’s what I thought about the taste of Once Again Nut Butter:

I enjoyed all four flavors of Once Again Nut Butter with my favorite new flavor being Sunflower Seed Nut Butter and my go-to being the Creamy No Stir Peanut Butter. Almond Butter would be great in smoothies and cookie recipes, while the Cashew Butter really does give Peanut Butter a run for its money. I could see Cashew being used in specialty sauce recipes. But, I think the real review needs to come from Harper because what a three-year-old says about a product is known by many to the be ultimate truth. I was really surprised at what she had to say during her taste test. Check out her YouTube video review for organic gluten free nut butter from Once Again:

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