Easy Ways to Keep Mice Away

10 Easy Ways to Keep Mice Away - Harper Mondays

My morning started off like most mornings.

1. Get up
2. Pee
3. It’s Harper’s Monday, so we drink milk and watch cartoons

Stella and Philo were doing their usual stalking, prancing, and laying. You know cat doings. When they both seemed extra interested in something under my decorative gold leaf plate, I shrugged it off. Must have been the cricket we lost in the hallway a few days ago. Unapologetically, I am on my phone checking my email. It’s what I do first thing in the mornings. My eyes are reading up and down the screen that is until I see the cats break from the television stand. They’ve got a new friend – a mouse!

I screamed, Harper screamed, and it was mess. I quickly got her to get on the couch with me because obviously we were going to be safe from the mouse there right? Philo played with the mouse while Stella watched. I guess she’s too old to entertain small creatures. At one point the mouse was in Philo’s mouth, and I lost it. Frantically, I tried to call my husband at work, but he wasn’t at his desk. Desperate I call the main office line only to have this boss answer. Embarrassing.

He can’t come home. No one is coming over. I’m contemplating packing up and moving right then.

I NEVER want to have to go through something like that again. The anxiety, stress, and fear that comes with an unknown creature being inside my house is enough for me to try every mice preventive measure that I can find. Let me share with you some of my natural mice deterrent favorites with some Amazon affiliate links included to these helpful products:

Easy Ways to Keep Mice Away

  1. Plug EVERY single hole, nook, and cranny with caulk or my favorite steel wool
    Cable entry points by televisions, dryer tubing, hot water heater tubing entrances, pipe entrances under the sink, and every single place you even think for a second a mouse can enter. They can get through the smallest of spaces people, so PLUG THEM!
  2. Live clutter-free and relatively clean
    No pressure. Mice love cluttered areas to setup shop and that’s how they can stay in an area unnoticed. Toss out the trash and get rid of anything you’re holding that you won’t be using in the next 12 months.
  3. Apply peppermint oil to high traffic mouse entrances
    At the base of every external door frame including your garage door is a good start. Placing some around the inside of your kitchen cabinets doesn’t hurt to deter the little guys either. Dipping cotton balls in peppermint oil is a great way to leave the scent in multiple areas of your home. Mice hate the smell of peppermint.
  4. Keep your trashcans away from your home
    Mice are constantly scavenging for food and items to make their own humble little abodes. Walking that extra several feet away from the house keeps them from trying to setup shop in your home.
  5. Properly sealed food storage
    Ditch the half-opened boxes of cereal and invest in some airtight containers that look nice on your counter top or in the pantry.
  6. DIY Mothball Stations
    Get a box of mothballs and a few food containers with lids that actually fit. Poke a few holes into the lids, fill each container with mothballs, and place the lid on tightly. Because of how toxic mothballs are you need to be sure that these lids do not accidentally come off to protect your children and pets. These deterrents are perfect for basements, attics, and underneath the sink. Make sure they’re in locations where they can’t be accessed by your pets or children in case the lid can be removed.
  7. Instant Mashed Potatoes
    Sprinkle some in locations that mice may frequent. Much like grits or rice with ants the mice cannot digest the instant potato flakes before it kills them.
  8. Glue Pads and Trap Boxes
    More humane than the traditional mouse trap, but still usually end up with the trapped mice not making it. Great for under the stove or if you’ve already got a mouse trying to take the run of your house. Two options for mouse glue pads and mouse trap boxes.
  9. Onions
    Although not as effective as he other methods because onions have an expiration, leaving some outside the external doors of your home is a great deterrent. Keep in mind that onions can be poisonous to your pets (cats and dogs especially), so only use this method if you suspect there is already a mouse entering your home.
  10. Cats – lots and lots of cats
    Having a cat in itself is a natural deterrent for mice. The smell of a used litter, specifically the dried feces and urine of your cat, are enough to make a mouse turn away in a hurry.

Do you have any other natural mice deterrent tips? I’ll take any and all so please comment with your favorites below!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links to some of my favorite products mentioned in this post.

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