Teach Your Toddler to Code with the Fisher Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

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When I was a kid, technology was just becoming mainstream. Those of us lucky enough to have home PCs were rocking Windows 95, and just experiencing the launch of the internet. Dial-up anyone? Yes, we knew if we were going to get a connection based on the sounds the modem made when dialing the internet. Sometimes you just knew it wasn’t going to connect. Only a few kids got into computers enough to go on to be programmers or IT specialists. It was something that everyone always said you should grow up and do, but a few kids did. Why? To me it seemed to hard and there weren’t enough programs out there that taught these skills. Technology in schools was for learning how to type predominantly. Fisher Price took a subset of skills that had only gradually increased in interest over the last twenty years and developed the Think & Learn Code-a-pillar so that you can teach your toddler to code.

Fisher Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

Sure there are plenty of toys on the market the promote critical thinking, problem solving, and planning & sequencing. You can achieve the same goals with sticks, rocks, and beans, but future generations are moving more toward technology-driven everything. Learning these skills through a toy that is not manual is the key and definitely what sets Fisher Price apart from the other companies trying to make similar toys. Plus, this toy is targeted to 3-year-olds and up. My THREE YEAR OLD can operate this toy!

The Fisher Price Thick & Learn Code-a-pillar will at the very least keep your child occupied for thirty minutes of heavenly mom bliss. My toddler has already put an hour or two worth play into her Code-a-pillar. She’s lost it under the couch once and that lead her to rethink her route and starting position. I have never seen her put so much thought into a toy that required so little physical effort. As soon as you take it out of the box, you flip the switch from demo to ‘on’ and it’s ready to go. Connect the body parts, via USB plugs, to create your sequence and hit ‘go’. Literally, it’s that simple. No bells, no whistles, just a funky little tune that lets you know it’s working and moving. Attention parents, the tune is not annoying or catchy enough to get stuck in your head all day. Bonus!


We’re still in the early stages of seeing the full potential of this product. My daugher is just a month shy of being three, and I can tell she doesn’t fully understand left, right, and straight yet. Once she nails down her directions, she will have her Fisher Price Code-a-pillar running a course. Right now, she has him drive around occasionally. This toy is truly the first steps into coding and programming for children. Once they realize what they can do with some basic planning and sequencing, a whole world of possibilities opens for them. As a parent, I am proud watching my daughter learn through trial and error because when she finds a success it’s magical for us both.

For what I think is a ridiculously affordable price for all this toy has to offer, Best Buy has the Fisher Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar for $49.99!

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Your Toddler Can Code

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