Why I Miss Working Away from Home

Why I Miss Working Away from Home

It’s one of the main topics brutally hashed out in the “Mommy Wars.” Sure I cringed when I wrote that because I hate labeling the catty comments made from mother-to-mother or vagina-to-vagina the “Mommy Wars;” it seems to ignite so many negative emotions that I wish I could avoid the topic all together. Sadly, I can’t. But, I can tell you how I was once a pre-mom that hadn’t thought about having kids. That is until I was having a kid, then everything changed. I worked while I was pregnant up until I physically wasn’t capable to handling the demands of the job. I said I would go back to work after my daughter was born. Then, she was born, we moved, and I was relieved when I didn’t go back. Wait, what? I was relieved to be a stay-at-home-mom. It was a privilege that I didn’t take lightly because there are so many women that would love to be in my shoes. My husband doesn’t make big money, but we are able to get by comfortably by sticking with a budget.

I’ve established my SAHM routine to that of a little more than a productive college student and we spend a lot of days just playing. My baby is 19 months after all, so we just explore. I’ve taken up virtual assisting online (the legitimate kind), and I blog. I’ve always blogged. Remember when I started out as College Grad Coupons? Some maybe, but most no. I wanted to be an extreme couponer and share with a following of like-minded shoppers the current deals for the week. My hats are off to the coupon bloggers out there that are seasoned veterans and the new bloggers trying to start. It’s a tough endeavor.

As much as I love waking up each morning with my daughter, caring for her, and watching her literally grow up before my eyes, I miss working away from home. It’s something that I think about going back to eventually.

Here’s what I miss:

– Taking a shower and getting dressed every day
– Mandatory lunches and breaks
– Conversations that have nothing to do with pee pee, poo poo, or what awesome thing Elmo just did
– Co-worker comradery

Granted, I do get to miss out on some of the less pleasant aspects of working: awful boss, rude customers, gossip, having to be there every single day, and other drama.

Isn’t it enough that I have to deal with toddler temper tantrums that start when you ask them not bang their head on the wall for fun only to progress into banging their head on the wall, the floor, and sometimes on you in anger? Some days I just want to blow my whistle and toss out the flag. Roughing the Mommy!

I’m a great outlet for my friends and family to rant to regarding their at-work lives. I’ve been there. I relate, but I can’t quite grasp their tolerance for the bullshit. Maybe it’s the Commander Mom role that I’ve fallen into where tantrums are met with understanding until that doesn’t work then they’re ignored. Most moms are busy trying to manage a million different tasks at once and never getting around to completing any of them. Hubby if you’re reading this those dishes will eventually be rinsed and put away!

Stay-at-home parents need a break. I need a break most days – definitely most weeks. So, I miss working outside the home. I’d trade changing 10-20 diapers per day for interacting with other adults or counting some change. Well that’s even if I still remember how. It’ll be relieving to finally have people in your vicinity that are actually paying attention to you, wanting to talk to you, and I don’t mean just expecting you to get them juice. Think about it. Since you’ve had your first kid, it’s rare that anyone anyone holds a real conversation for long before they’re immediately distracted by your darling babies. Your parents are the worst at this.

Some Moms balance the need for human interaction and a break by being active in the community or joining a social circle. Well, I’m motivated by paying my bills so a part-time or seasonal job would satisfy the human need just fine.

It all boils down to I miss working away from home because I need a break. Any parent that’s been alone with their children for more than one day knows that you need to get away. You have to get away. Using the bathroom alone can sometimes be the breather you need, but sometimes you just need to forget you’re a parent for a few hours. If that means browsing every aisle of Target, then so be it. You know you’ll still be tossing a few things in the cart for your kids. I do it. We all do it. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

So, when you hate your day job remember that there’s a stay at home mom out there that wants it so badly, so she can love it day one and then go right along hating it too! Ah… I miss being able to hate my job.

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