Protective Smartphone and Tablet Holder – Adorable PawdPet Plush Tech Holder

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As a parent, I cringe at the thought of letting my daughter play with smartphone or tablet because even though they’re protected anything can happen. I’m always one drop or tantrum away from a cracked screen. While I do my best to limit screen time for her age, I see many benefits in her engaging in some educational apps and videos. I’ve been searching┬áthe web for a protective case for my smartphone and tablet that is perfect for kids. After months and months of searching, I found the most adorable plush stuffed animal holder that is so cute you’ll have to get one. It’s currently looking for funding in the form of a Kickstarter campaign! If you know anything about Kickstarter it’s the easiest and usually cheapest way to get your hands on a new product. The money you donate gives you a kick back in the form of a reward or product for helping fund the production of a new product on the market. In this case, you’ll be the envy of your place group or maybe just your friends by owning an adorable PawdPet.

PawdPet Plush Tech HolderPawdPets: Bun Bun, Mr. Hoots, Scout, and Eukie

PawdPet may look like a regular stuffed animal, but really it is so much more! Designed specifically as a tech holder for children, these animal plush holders are ready to go on whatever adventure your child goes on with a convenient strap for carrying. When not in use, there is a handy pocket on the animal’s back to slide your device in to stay protected.

You’re probably asking yourself how this tech holder will hold your device without any additional strap, snaps, or pockets? PawdPet uses a special tech-safe magnet on the belly of the stuffed animal to hold your device. It’s more comfortable than holding one of those other bulky protective smartphone or tablet cases on your lap. Plus, with Pawdpet you can position the animal straight on it’s back or down on it’s side when you’re not holding it for viewing.

If you’re as excited about how adorable these stuffed animal tech holders are from PawdPet consider checking out more about the upcoming product and backing them on Kickstarter. Donations start for as little as $1 and you can help this company launch what I consider a create product for tech families. Plus, you can see checkout the PawdPet in action at the link below.

Checkout the PawdPet Kickstarter Campaign today to buy your very own PawdPet!

PawdPet Smartphone and Tablet Holder

Disclosure: I received compensation to write this sponsored content for the PawdPet Kickstarter campaign. All opinions shared are my own and were not influenced by my relationship with the company.

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