My FREE Day – Look What I Got Yesterday!

Just for some fun, I wanted to share with you my free day yesterday, and why I wasn’t on very much.  I want to first say that I am lucky to have such a great fan to accompany to free events.  She is really THE BEST, and I think everyone deserves a friend who is willing to look silly with you!

After a 12-hour shift at work the previous night, Heather came yesterday afternoon to get started on our FREE day!  I had already worked diligently on our costumes and was ready to go on our event hop!

First, we had to make the Starbucks Refreshers events between 12pm – 3pm that I posted about earlier in the week.  So, that meant that we had to wear our costumes to that event.  Oh, I bet we were a sight:

Me (Right)

Luckily, our Chick-fil-A is right beside the Starbucks in my town.  So, we hurried over there to grab our free meal for Cow Appreciate Day!  I had a lot of fun and what to thank our local Chick-fil-A at Towne Creek Commons for being super nice, extremely friendly, and a lot of FUN!

So readers, don’t miss out on your next opportunity grab a friend or your family and participate in events like these.  They’re a lot of fun and you get FREE stuff!  You can’t beat a free meal just for dressed up like a cow or a free Starbucks drink just for showing up!

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